League fixtures shall take place on Thursdays, competitions on Mondays. Re-arranged matches must be played prior to the fixture date, and teams wishing to re-arrange matches must give at least 7 days notice to the league organiser and to their opponents who have the right not to agree to any proposed re-arrangement. The league organiser must aprove of any such arrangement.


Each match shall consist of 6 singles, followed by 3 doubles. One point will be awarded for each game won, plus 2 bonus points for the winning team.


The home team must provide a competent referee for each game. The away team may appoint a secondary referee before each game only to consult or be consulted of any decision made by the referee.


The home team shall ensure the table is level and in good condition before each game.


In the event of a pool table breaking down, all unplayed games are to be re-arranged within 14 days.
The secretary must be notified of any such arrangements.


It is the home teams responsibility to ensure all accessories are available, e,g , rest, spider etc. in the event of an away player needing any accessory that is unavailable then the player may claim the frame if they are in clear need of the equipment.


At venues where more than one table is installed, 7 x 4 tables must take priority over any other sized tables, e,g , 6 x 3.


Tables must be covered with green cloth and pool balls must be reds and yellows. The white ball must be ‘solid’ no spots on it.8

In matches all games are to start by toss of a coin, winner of toss to choose.


In Winter league only, the top two teams of each division will be promoted. Additional teams may be promoted if the league expands or changes its format.


Relegation will normally be 2 down. However where a team(s) resign from the league at any time during the season then the relegation of teams shall be reduced accordingly within that division


Where teams in promotion and relegation positions at the end of the season tie on points, then the team with the greater number of wins will finish in the higher position, and promotion and relegation will be decided accordingly. Where teams tie on points and matches won then the aggregate score between those teams shall be considered. If teams are still tied then a sudden death play-off match shall be played at a neutral venue. Venue to be decided by the League Organiser.


Where a team resigns from the pool league during the season, the committee will then decide on what action to be taken.


In all competitive events organised by the league, all players must be registered, with the exception of mixed doubles competitions where at least one player must be registered.


A player registering for more than one team, whether they play or not may face disciplinary action.


All players registered for the league must be 18 years old, unless authorised by the League Organiser


A team may register new players at any point of the season(or date issued by the organiser).

Notification of new players must be in writing to the secretary and appropriate fee paid before any games are played by them. Fees not paid before games played may result in loss of points and/or fines Only the captain of the team can register players. Players can  be registered by telephone or registered on any match night


Disciplinary action will be taken against teams playing unregistered players.Teams will lose all points gained whilst playing unregistered players


Players wishing to transfer team must contact the league organiser informing him of their new team and pay a transfer fee of £5.00. The transfer will only be processed after the fee has been received by the league. it is considered common decency for the player involved to inform the departing team captain of his pending move.

No transfer will be permitted after the mid-point of the season. (Unless approved by league)


All disputes must be reported to the league organiser in writing only and within 48 hours of the occurrence. Failure to do so may render dispute invalid and may not be dealt with by the committee.


A team failing to turn up shall lose all points and will be fined £12.00. The opposing team shall be awarded 8 points or their average score over their previous 6 matches, whichever is the greater ( or when 6 matches have been played).


All teams must have a minimum of 4 players available at 8.00pm prompt. Failing to do so, the opposing team have the right to claim the match if they wish and rule 17 applies.


Whereafter, the first four singles games have been played, and no further players are available, then the offending team shall forfiet the next 5 games

If both home and away teams have only 4 players each, then the result after the first 4 games stands, and no bonus points will be awarded


Where a team has only 5 players available, they shall concede one singles game and one doubles game.


In all league matches, the away team are to name their players first on the result card.

At least 4 players must be entered on the result card at 8.00pm from both sides. the order in which they are entered must be adhered to unless both captains agree to change.


Result cards are to be marked won, lost or claimed and signed by both captains to clerify its correctness. A claimed game must be marked “claimed”. Disciplinary action may be taken against teams incorrectly marking cards


Result cards are to be received by the Tuesday evening following the match, submitted by the team, failure to do so will mean that the home team may have two points deducted from the league table.

Match results must be texted in to the results secretary no later than 8am Friday morning following the match, by the home team. Failure to do so, then the home team may be deducted two points from the league table.


All fines must be paid within seven days of notification given by the League treasurer. failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.


Making any contact with the table with either a cigarrette or drink in hand is a foul and two shots. Second offence by the same player in the match will be loss of game.


If a player fails to make a valid attempt to hit one of his/her balls the referee may call ‘deliberate’ foul and award the game to his/her opponent. Both captains MUST agree to this.


Unruly and intimidating behaviour at any competative match by player/s teams or their supporters will face disciplinary action and may be instantly expelled from the league.


Violance will not be tollerated in the league. This includes threats made towards fellow teams & players. Any player who strikes an opponent will face disciplinary action, this could range from a warning, a ban or in extreme cases expulsion from the league.


If a team changes their captain during the season,then it will be their responsibility to be informed of all administration and rules of the league


All competition/annual trophies presented on Finals Nights must be returned six weeks before the end of each season, as to be serviced, cleaned and engraved.


The Committee has the right to amend any of these rules if required to do so for the benefit of the league, and also for interpretation of the said rules. Contigencies not covered by these rules will be dealt with by the committee.

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